SODIVAS is the European specialist in the distribution of raw materials and inorganic chemicals.


Sodivas is the first member of SOFICADA Groupe (2000), based in Dinan, in France

SODIVAS is particularly active in the markets for additives (feed and food), plastics & rubbers, and fertilizer.

We supply the raw materials that are used in a number of industries such as fertilizers, animal nutrition, foodstuffs, plastics & rubbers, detergents, and water treatments.




SODIVAS ensures transparent and efficient processes for all its products, from supplier to end customer:

- Our manufacturers are with us when we visit customer production facilities 

- We subject all raw materials to laboratory and industrial testing, and check that the products comply with expectations

- Technical expertise forged from the professional capabilities of our suppliers, our market awareness, and the close relationships we build with our customers. 


We are able to provide a flexible and competitive real-time responde to meet the needs of industry

We operate mainly in Western Europe, and we are working todevelop our business in Central Europe and North America.


SODIVAS is also able to process (mixes, milling, etc.), package (bagging, big bags, bulk deliveries), and ship products.