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this website belongs to SOFICADA Group
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the website http://www.soficada.com/ is provided to users with the condition that they accept all of the conditions and warnings listed below.

Publication director : Hervé DARTEVELLE
Editor : Hervé DARTEVELLE
Webmaster : Servane DARTEVELLE


SOFICADA Group does all it can to ensure the accuracy and up to date nature of all information provided on, or directly related to, the website. However, SOFICADA Group cannot guarantee that the information contained therein is complete, accurate, exhaustive, or free from error. SOFICADA Group reserves the right to modify or correct the website content without notice. Photos are not contractually binding.

SOFICADA Group cannot be held in any way responsible for any use of the information contained on this website or obtained in response to a question asked via the website. Under no circumstances will SOFICADA Group be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage resulting from or related to use of this website.


In general, SOFICADA accepts no responsibility for use of this website. Any attempt to transfer information to a third party website or to modify the information contained on the website is strictly forbidden, and may entail civil or criminal legal action on behalf of SOFICADA Group.

SOFICADA Group will not be held responsible for any hyperlinks or other elements used directly or indirectly via the website. 

SOFICADA Group makes no guarantees or commitments concerning third party websites and cannot be held responsible for their content. It is strictly forbidden to create hyperlinks to the website without prior permission from SOFICADA Group.


SOFICADA Group cannot and will not guarantee that the server hosting the website will be free from viruses and that the files downloaded from the website or any third party site will be free from viruses and other malfunctions. For viruses that spread via the internet, we recommend that users take all necessary measures to protect their computer from intruders and technical problems that may damage the computer hardware or the data stored upon the device. Under no circumstances may SOFICADA Group or one of its subcontractors be held responsible for any damage occurring when connected to the website.

All data and information contained on the website is covered by copyright and intellectual property rights. Website documentation may be reproduced in full or in part for information purposes only: any reproduction or use of copies for other purposes is forbidden and may represent a counterfeit as described in Articles L.335-2 onwards of French Intellectual Property Law.


Unless otherwise stated, SOFICADA Group holds copyright for all documents contained on http://www.soficada.com/ as well as any elements designed for the website.

Reproduction of website content in full or in part is strictly forbidden under Article L.713-2 of French Intellectual Property Law. This website under French jurisdiction and any disputes will be referred to the French courts.